Hiram College Intramurals

Hiram offers a comprehensive Recreation and Club Sports program designed to enrich the quality of life for the students, faculty, and staff of the College by providing a broad based programming of sports, recreation and fitness activities for both men and women of all ability levels. 

The Department of Athletics, Exercise/Sport Science, and Recreation aim to accommodate this active participation by providing a wide variety of recreational activities. Recreational offerings include flag football, ultimate frisbee, co-ed soccer, racquetball, inner-tube water polo, basketball, co-ed volleyball and kickball.

The Club Sport Program is designed to serve individual interests in different sports and recreational activities. The activities that the club sport teams provide range from the very competitive, which travel and play intercollegiately, to the recreational and instructional, which conduct activities such as basic skill instruction. Sailing, women’s rugby, men’s volleyball, and martial arts clubs all actively participate in the College’s athletic scene.

Recreational use of all athletic facilities is encouraged to all those interested in participation in a less formal fashion.

All intramural sign-ups must be done through IMLeagues.com. Please click the link below to register and find the different offerings of Hiram College intramurals.

Intramural Sign-Up

Club Sports

In addition to its intramural offerings, Hiram College also sponsors numerous different club sports. These sports range from very competitive to a recreational style. Men's and Women’s rugby, Dance team, the J-tossin team (Ultimate Frisbee) and cross country travel and compete as if they function as a collegiate team. Whereas the Equestrian team, the Ski and Snow boarding club, and the martial arts club all actively participate in an educational format, teaching basic understandings and skills based involving their club. Listed below are the different offerings of Hiram College club sports:

Dance Team

  • Purpose: To promote school spirit and further dancing abilities of members and appreciation of such abilities.

Equestrian Team

  • Purpose: The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage, as well as, promote the education of and understanding of good horsemanship and equine education. Though no member is obligated to compete, members of this team will be encouraged to work hard physically and mentally while creating a sense of community. This club’s members are representatives of Hiram College in show/competition. Due to the fact that this area is a very active circuit for multiple equine disciplines, the Equestrian Team will provide a chance for networking and recruiting of students.


  • Purpose: To pacify the student body's urge to play competitive Ultimate Frisbee against other competitors. Around three times a week, up to twenty-five students will commit two hours of their day to organize a full game of ultimate !!!

Men's Rugby

  • Purpose: To allow people interested in rugby at Hiram College to compete against fellow colleges in matches. Also to preserve the tradition of rugby that has existed at Hiram for over 40 years.The rough and tumble action of Rugby is making its comeback at Hiram College. The team is growing stronger every year, and is part of the Ohio Rugby Union, which means we play other Division III teams throughout the year.  We have a split season, offering playtime both in the fall and spring, with a couple of special events in the winter.

Ski and Snowboard Club

  • Purpose: The goal of the club is to teach students know how to ski or snowboard that do not know how to already.  In addition to teach students how to ski and or snowboard, it will also preserve the sport and keep it alive.  

Women's Rugby

  • Purpose: The purpose to engage the campus on the sport of rugby. It also allows for it's members to have fun and play the sport they love.

Cross Country

  • Purpose: The goal of the club is to keep up the competitive edge of distance runners on campus. Cross country is the newest club sport at Hiram and will run a full competitive schedule.

If you have any Questions regarding club sports please feel free to contact Alex Ulbricht at ulbrichtak@hiram.edu .