Men's Lacrosse Participates in Crosse Out Cancer Showcase

Men's Lacrosse Participates in Crosse Out Cancer Showcase

By: Abbey Lipcsik

LAKEWOOD, Ohio – The Hiram College men's lacrosse team competed in the 2016 Crosse Out Cancer college showcase at Hawken School's Walton Stadium on October 9th.

The showcase, which raised $20,153, benefitted the Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program at the Cleveland Clinic.

The program offers the highest-quality care for screening, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer. Equipped with state-of-the art technology, the team tailors treatment plans to the patient's needs, taking into the type of cancer, the age of the individual, the degree to which the cancer has spread, and the patient's general health and desires.

The day's events included scrimmages between 17 college lacrosse teams. The Terriers faced Ohio Valley and Olivet College.

The showcase also featured guest speaker Brittany Whitman, who was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer at the age of 24. Upon diagnosis, Whitman began treatment at the Cleveland Clinic. Her treatment included chemotherapy, surgery, fertility treatments, and reconstruction.   

"It was an honor for us to compete in a showcase that benefits breast cancer research," head coach Brian Jenkins said. "It was also a great way for us to start getting excited about the spring season."