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Hiram College Football Life Skills Training

Life Skills Training is a program that helps develop men during their time in college. When young men enter college, they forget about the elements of life that are important. They begin to get involved with their sport, friends and academic stress. They lose track of the areas of their lives that will influence their future. The Life Skills Program reintroduces major concerns that they will face like Time Managment, Communication and Finances. There are open conversations about major issues like Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Relationships and Domestic Violence. The importance of Community Service and Professionalism is covered. Overall, the program will develop them into leaders of tomorrow and well-rounded individuals.

The Life Skills Program lasts two years and meets once a month for a maximum of one hour from August through April. The program is open to all students. The sessions will be broken down into two topic areas, the Leadership Program and the Life Skills Program.

Below is a month-by-month breakdown of the program

  • August - Time Management
  • September - Finance
  • October - Communication
  • November - Community Service
  • January - Relationships
  • February - Alcohol/Drugs Abuse
  • March - Relationships (Domestic Violence and Bystander Training)
  • April - Professionalism

Click here for a powerpoint presentation and more details about the Life Skills Program.

Click here for a presentation and more details on the Leadership Program.